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Datenblatt / Datasheet:
Okuma VTM 200 1ST (* 4800 spindle hours)
Year of construction 2009/12
Commissioning 2010/11
OSP P-200 L control Windows-based
CE marking
Turning length / turning length max. 1200 mm
Speed main spindle 200 (min-1)
2 speed ranges
Swivel diameter max. 2400 mm
Maximum workpiece load 8,000 kg
Z-axis travel 1200 mm
X-axis travel 1600 mm
Spindle motor 30-33KW
Spindle torque 12.852 / 8.568 (30 min / continuation)
Trough spindle diameter 260 mm
Base area 5600 mm x 5300 mm (height 4600 mm)
Weight fully installed 38,000 kg
ATC tool changer 36 tools BT50
Maximum tool length 500 mm
Maximum tool diameter 170 mm
Maximum tool weight 30 kg
One-touch IGF dialog, anti-collision software
Touch setter for tools
Double car door
Disc 2M with 8 jaws (face plate)
Milling spindle BT50 4500 rpm
2 speed ranges, 15 KW
30 BT50 tools included



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