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***SOLD*** - OKUMA MA 600HB 10 APC-image
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Datenblatt / Datasheet

Werkzeugaufnahme / Tool Holder : SK50

ATC 200 SK50

Spindelumdrehungen / Spindel-Rotation : 12.000 RPM

37/26 kW

284 Nm

1 degree on the table

Paletten / Pallets : 10 APC (630 x 630)

Linear scales in all axes X/Z


Adaptive control

Kühlsystem / Cooling : 7 step coolant through the spindle max 70 bar;

Späneförderer / Chip Conveyer : Mayfran Concept 2000
8 extra M-codes

Programmable load station PPC

programmable tool station Auto tool measurement and tool Concept

2000 Swarf management

Renishaw probe for tools

Renishaw tool breakage detection

B-Achse 1 Grad (keine NC-B-Achse)

Baujahr / Year of Construction: 2009

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